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Thank you so much for considering Muddy’s as a potential workplace. 
Working at Muddy’s is not like working most places.  Why? Because we at Muddy’s are committed to learning, working hard, and serving others. We serve each other and we serve our guests.  We also strive to do the right thing in all situations, and that can be really tough. Working at Muddy’s means making a real commitment to growing your skills, taking responsibility for your actions & learning, and being a force of positivity in Memphis both in & out of work hours. Muddy’s mission is to be a good neighbor and we believe that to succeed in that mission, it must start at the core- each of us. Thank you so much for the high compliment of an application,

Kat Gordon

Muddy’s Mission

We strive to make Memphis a happier place
by creating outstanding experiences and delicious food, 
being kind to everyone we meet, and doing the right thing. 

Muddy's Guiding Principles

  • hospitality
  • stewardship
  • craftsmanship
  • gratitude
  • integrity
  • work with purpose

We have three work locations: Muddy's East Memphis shop on Sanderlin Ave, Muddy's Midtown shop on Cooper, and Muddy's Kitchen on Broad Ave (the Kitche is a production kitchen not open to the public)  

gnomies at camp

(gnomies at staff retreat, 2016) 


what some current "gnomies" and alumni have to say about working with muddy's:


"I am so thankful to know these amazing people and am beyond grateful for my job. I love living by the Muddy's mission, 'to make memphis happier by creating delightful experiences and delicious food, being kind to everyone we meet, and doing the right thing' and being able to celebrate all occasions in my customers' and coworkers' lives."


"The personal attention to individual employees is one of the reasons I adore working at Muddy's!"


"It's a really great place to work. Seriously, I've never worked somewhere where I've been treated so well."


"People smile at me more in public when I happen to be wearing one of my Muddy’s shirts, and while they could be reminiscing about their last encounter with a Here Comes Trouble or Prozac Cupcake, I have had conversations that suggest that they love how friendly and luminous the people are, how positive the culture surrounding it all is, and that Muddy’s is another entry in a long list of reasons why Memphis is a great place to be. I love my job, for these reasons and more, but mostly I love it because I have never had a job that has had me doing such meaningful, fulfilling work that I am always proud to do."

"I'm so blessed to have been a part of the Muddy's team, and so grateful that you guys welcomed me back to the company for a short time without me even having to ask! Working for you guys has taught me so much in the past two-ish years, and it's been such a thrilling ride watching Muddy's blossom into what it is today."